Scene 1: Girls And Their Boys: Emma B & Carlos - Creampie

Working at her studio, Emma leans towards the canvas as she begins her new painting. Approaching her from behind, Carlos firmly grabs her round bum and caresses her lace panties from beneath her short summer dress. Slowly undressing, Emma uncovers her pale, slender body as Carlos passionately kisses her pert breasts. Laying down on the floor, Emma takes off her panties, stained by her vaginal discharge, unveiling her red pubic hair as she gets ready to receive some passionate oral sex and intense fingering. Sitting on top, Emma unbuttons Carlos jeans, and slides her hand inside his underwear, firmly grabbing his erect penis before engaging in a lustful 69. Back on the couch, Emma gets vigorously penetrated doggy style until they both reach a powerful orgasm, with Carlos' jizz dripping out of Emma's delicate vulva.

Scene 2: Girls And Their Boys: Cornelia & Liam - Double Penetration

As Cornelia is tidying up the living room, she finds one of Liam's t-shirts. It's scent, turns her on, as she squeezes her round breasts and caresses herself over her tight shorts. Slowly approaching from behind, Liam kisses her neck, and unzipping her shorts, slides her hand inside her panties. Kneeling before Cornelia, Liam carefully undresses her, uncovering her hairy vulva as he plays with her clit using her tongue and vigorously fingers her. Turning around on all fours, Cornelia pushes her round bum out and gets penetrated doggy style before turning around and enjoying a passionate 69.


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