Scene 1: Video Masturbation: Alina L & Victoria J - Glasses

"I've heard your hairy, you have a full bush... Want to compare?" Victoria suggests playfully as she caresses her own on top of her tight, shiny leggings. Slowly taking their clothes off, the girls uncover their breasts and hairy vulvas as they look at each other behind their colorful glasses. Laying back on their seats, Alina caresses herself using her fingers, rubbing vigorously her clitoris while Victoria uses her favorite toy, a small vibrator to stimulate her clit. As Alina gets closer and closer to orgasm, Victoria notices it, and being turned on by it reaches her climax simultaneously. Tags:glasses (1

Scene 2: Video Masturbation: Layla K & Yasmeena - Sex Toy

Curvy Layla and slender Yasmeena sit in bed wearing only knickers and shirts. Yasmeena touches Layla's long legs and asks “what's your favorite part of your body?" Layla takes her shirt off and answers by showing her large breasts. Both girls touch each other’s breasts and Layla says “we both have really big breasts.” The girls get aroused and start teasing themselves. Yasmeena squeezes her pert breasts while rubbing her hairy pussy as Layla gets her sex toy and inserts it into her pussy.

Scene 3: Video Masturbation: Bonnie C & Mariana - Dildo Play

Bonnie and Mariana sit on couch and and talk about their sex lives, "I like to insert objects, anything like my glasses or something, that's my fetish.” Mariana asks “what’s the weirdest thing you inserted?” and Bonnie cheekily replies “cold popsicles!” The girls slowly caress each other as Mariana opens up her legs, hey vagina visible from her underneath her sheer panties. Mariana cups Bonnie’s breasts till her pink nipples get hard. Bonnie teases her naturally hairy bush before they start masturbating. Bonnie then plays with her dildo and the girls watch each other please themselves to orgasm.

Scene 4: Video Masturbation: Bobbie & Jada - Small Breasts

Jada peeps at Bobbie through her glasses as they watch each other from across the small table. Each lady rubs her panties clad vagina onto a table leg, slowly humping the hard wood. "The underwear pulls a bit" smiles Bobbie, as they simultaneously use the friction to further stimulate their already excited vaginas. Bobbie bends forwards in doggy position, her now almost bare bottom wiggling next to Jada's delighted face and she reaches forwards to help pull down Bobbie's shorts. Their lust grows as more clothing falls away, Jada sitting aside Bobbie, her bottom resting in her lap as they press their pale bodies together in a tight embrace, kissing. Naked they lie side by side masturbating, Jada's legs locking out in front of her as they both build to orgasm at the same time! Tags:canadian (10)

Scene 5: Video Masturbation: Brooklyn & Hania - Teasing Nipples

"This morning I was trying to be very gentle and romantic because I just took the virginity of a twenty two year old boy." Hania and Brooklyn lie in bed talking about what they like to do on rainy days, Brooklyn's sheer panties flashing from underneath her short dress. "Hee hee, masturbation day!" Hania takes her shorts off and rubs into her pink polka dot panties as Brooklyn teases her large breasts. "I love your bum Brooklyn!" Brooklyn pinches Hania's breasts and then Hania starts rubbing into her own hairy crotch. The girls continue to touch each other's breasts as they please themselves to orgasm.

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