Scene 1: Girl Girl: Casey Q & Maddie - Lesbian Oral Sex

Kneeling in front of Casey, Maddie moves her hands up Casey's soft body, caressing her breasts while Casey squeezes Maddie's bum firmly. Opening her legs wide apart, Casey closes her eyes and exhales deeply as she feels Maddie's wet tongue moving around her pubic region. Standing up, Casey blindfolds Maddie and positions her in all fours while she sits behind. Diving her head in between Maddie's bum cheeks she lick her pussy devotedly, making Maddie squirm and moan in pleasure before continuing to pleasure each other until they reach a powerful orgasm.

Scene 2: Girl Girl: Laney & Sarah A - Lesbian Fingering

Sitting in the living room floor, Laney and Sarah gently caress each other while we catch a glimpse of her panties up her loose summer dress and tight mini skirt respectively. Delicately kissing Laney's neck, Sarah moves her hands and squeezes her pert breasts before they begin to passionately undress each other. Positioning her slender body on top of Sarah, Laney closes her eyes end exhales deeply as she feels Sarah's wet tongue move around her vulva. Moving to the couch Sarah stands in front of Laney facing away from her, and bends slightly forward letting Laney finger her from behind as she gets closer to a powerful climax.


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