Scene 1: Girls And Their Boys: Jake & Kayla J - Double Penetration

Practicing her yoga routine, Kayla slowly bends her torso displaying her extreme flexibility. Jake comes in and helps her stretch, grabbing her firmly by her hips and caressing her crotch. Passionately undressing each other, Kayla takes off her top, uncovering her breasts, while Jake kisses his way down her body, all the way to in between her legs. Laying completely naked, Kayla grabs Jake's erect penis and proceeds to lick it and suck it ardently. Sitting on top of him, Kayla rides him, smiling as she feels his hard dick inside her. Bending on all fours, Jake spreads Kayla's bum cheeks apart, licking her anus and inserting a butt plug inside her, while she grabs his dick stroking it before resuming the penetration from behind.

Scene 2: Girls And Their Boys: Maxim & Vika - Anal Sex

Approaching Vika from behind, Maxim caresses her breasts, squeezing them firmly as Vika moans in excitement. Kneeling before him Vika firmly grabs his erect penis and give him a passionate blowjob, stroking the dick as her lips play around the tip. Bending over the counter, Vika closes her eyes as she gets penetrated from behind. Sitting on an armchair, Vika grabs Maxim's dick and guides it into her bum. Sitting on top of it and moaning as it goes deep into her anus. Down on the floor, Vika lays on all fours as they continue enjoying anal sex in numerous positions until they both climax, letting Vika's anus slowly dripping cum.


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