Scene 1: Girls And Their Boys: Alice S & Nathan GB - Reverse Cowgirl

Alice and Nathan's love story began on Tinder. They were both trying it for the first time when they matched, and discovered their shared passion for travel and fitness. Four years later, they're still together: "I feel protected all the time because he's so big and manly!" Alice explains with a bright smile. She loves having Nathan lift her petite frame over his head to do bench presses, and after they demonstrate their parlour trick, a quick change of angle lets them enjoy a hot 69. Nathan pulls down Alice's lacy panties to lap into her smooth vulva, making her whimper as she lovingly sucks his dick. Moving from the weight bench to the couch, Alice eagerly licks Nathan's balls, then climbs into his lap to ride him in reverse cowgirl, moaning in ecstasy. "Cum for me, baby!" Nathan urges, and Alice's eyes roll back as she's overcome by a trembling orgasm, then whispers "thank you!". Their lovemaking continues in the bedroom with Alice still on top, her cute bum and perky boobs bouncing, and she showers Nathan with sweet kisses when he climaxes. He then licks her pussy and fingers her deeply, until she clutches the sheets as another wave of pleasure washes over her. Exhausted, the lovers fall asleep in each other's arms.

Scene 2: Girls And Their Boys: Ethen & Eve S GB - Anal Licking

Eve and Ethen have only been dating for a year, but they're already so much in love that they're building a house together in France. When Ethen finds Eve touching herself, he quickly strips off her tight top and tiny skirt, and takes charge of fulfilling all of her sexual needs. First, he gently sucks her clit, then moves down for some rimming and intense anal fingering. "I can totally feel how my pussy is opening!" Eve sighs, gazing down at him adoringly, with her bare feet in the air. Then she invites Ethen to straddle her large breasts, and gives him a sensual deep throat blowjob. Needing to feel her boyfriend inside her, Eve climbs on top and energetically rides his hard cock, which is soon drenched in her creamy girlcum. With a twinkle in her eyes, Eve lies back, spreads her legs, and makes a special request: "I can only cum if you talk to me in French!" Her Parisian lover obliges, while lovingly pounding her pussy in missionary and doggy, and his words cast a magic spell over Eve. Her boobs bounce, her eyes roll back, and she's overwhelmed by orgasm after blissful orgasm. After writhing and crying out in ecstasy about seven times, she cuddles him with a satisfied smile.


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