Scene 1: Girls And Their Boys: Paisley & Zac GB

Paisley and Zac met on Tinder five years ago, and she explains that "there was an instant connection!" After a great conversation over dinner on their first date, they went to her place to have sex, and they've spent every day together since. They're excited to share their passionate lovemaking on camera, as Zac slips off Paisley's pastel sweater and skirt and sensually licks her pussy. He moves up to kiss her while stroking her clit, and she looks deep into his eyes as she reaches a trembling climax. Then she kneels down to worship his thick cock with her mouth, gazing up lovingly as she takes it into her throat. Paisley spreads her legs and touches herself as Zac gets on top and slides into her, and she offers him sultry encouragement, before announcing her second orgasm. "Wow, wow, you're really deep! I'm gonna cum!" she moans, her freckled face and chest flushing bright red as she shudders in ecstasy. The lovers ravish each other in as many positions as they can think of, exchanging sweet compliments and steamy eye contact. They're spooning when Zac is overcome with pleasure, and Paisley looks delighted as she watches his dick pulsing inside her. "I love feeling your cum!" she sighs dreamily. "I love filling you up!" he replies, and they curl up and make out.

Scene 2: Girls And Their Boys: Xavier & Zina B GB - Blowjob

Zina and Xavier have a special story about how they met: Xavier started dating Zina's long-term female partner, and the three of them fell in love with each other. "Now we're all living together in a poly household dream!" Zina announces. She reclines on the couch and lifts her short dress to touch herself, when Xavier arrives and offers to teach her how to juggle. She's a fast learner, but has a more fun idea: while Xavier juggles, she kneels down and sweetly sucks his dick. Once he's hard, he takes her from behind in doggy, and the deep thrusts give Zina to a powerful climax, which makes her bite her arm and cry out, as she's overcome with pleasure. Their romantic lovemaking continues as they go down on each other in 69, and Zina wraps her arms and legs around Xavier to bounce up and down, while making steamy eye contact. After Zina has multiple intense orgasms in missionary, turning her face and chest bright red, they take a break so she can cool off his sweaty body with ice cubes. Refreshed, Xavier plunges his hard cock back inside Zina, to give both of them a blissful finale. After she moans in ecstasy, she watches delightedly as Xavier covers her with cum, from her fuzzy bush up to her shoulder. "Wow, good reach!" Zina laughs, as they clean up and snuggle.


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