Scene 1: Girls And Their Boys: Elisa & Michael GB - Analingus

Redhead Elisa's turquoise panties peek out from her silky skirt, as she chooses the perfect images to decorate the wall of the flat. Growing excited, she caresses her body all over, and lifts her top to free her nipples from her bra. When her boyfriend Michael comes home, they begin passionately kissing and tearing off each other's clothes. Completely naked, Elisa spreads her legs so he can go down on her, and she closes her eyes, lost in pleasure. Then, she reaches into his boxers to stroke his dick, and swirls her tongue around the tip to begin a perfect blowjob. Elisa lays back and wraps her bare feet around Michael's neck, so she can gaze lovingly into his eyes as he fucks her. When she moves on top to ride him, her pussy gets dripping wet with arousal, and they press their flushed faces together. Casting a delighted grin over her shoulder, Elisa gets on all fours, so Michael can bury his hard cock deep inside her. As her blissed-out face glows pink, Elisa's mouth drops open when they orgasm together, and she savours the intimate sensation of being filled up with cum.

Scene 2: Girls And Their Boys: Brian V & Josie L GB - Cum On Tits

As brunette sweetheart Josie stretches on the couch, her skintight leggings cling to her creampuff bottom. She gazes adoringly at a framed photo of her posing with her boyfriend Brian, and can't resist placing one hand between her legs. Then Brian arrives to remove her sports bra and tenderly nibble her nipples, before pulling down her lacy panties. He laps into Josie's silky-smooth pussy, making her bite her lip with arousal. She can't wait to take off his clothes and give him a sensual blowjob. Josie climbs atop Brian to ride his hard dick, which quickly becomes soaked with her creamy girlcum. She gets even wetter when he inserts one finger into her tight anus. They continue fucking in doggy and reverse cowgirl, and Josie looks overwhelmed with pure pleasure the entire time. After Brian holds her in his arms, to finger her to a blissful orgasm, Josie sweetly guides his cock into her cleavage to return the favour. With a loving smile on her face, she savours the intimate sensation of her boyfriend covering her perky boobs with a huge load of cum.


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