Scene 1: Girls And Their Boys: Lissa W & Lorenzo GB - Anal Sex

The warm sun illuminates Lissa's pixie haircut as she hangs her lingerie on the clothesline, wearing a strapless summer dress that accentuates her cleavage. Back inside, a cheeky look lights up her eyes, as she retrieves her pink vibrator, and tugs her panties to the side to plunge it deep inside. She picks up the phone to call her boyfriend Lorenzo, who quickly arrives to take Lissa's pleasure to the next level. He strips off her clothes to lick her hairy pussy with the toy still inside, and Lissa moans in ecstasy at the blissful mix of sensations. Lissa unzips Lorenzo's trousers and is delighted to find that he's rock hard. Gazing adoringly into his eyes, she gives him a deliciously sloppy blowjob, drooling all over him as she sucks. Lissa climbs on top to ride Lorenzo, working her hips so she can feel every inch of his dick. Then, she gets on all fours and gives him a knowing look. He inserts three manly fingers into her bottom, until he’s warmed her up for rapturous anal sex. Lissa cries out with a powerful orgasm, then watches with joy as Lorenzo drenches her bum cheeks with a huge load of cum.

Scene 2: Girls And Their Boys: Nina K & Tommy GB - 69

Curvy Nina unbuttons her top to reveal her deep cleavage, then caresses her chest and slips one hand into her tight denim shorts. Her boyfriend Tommy arrives to undress her, so he can lovingly squeeze her pillowy large breasts. Tommy nestles his face between Nina's thighs, to go down on her, until her entire body tenses up with blissful pleasure. Amidst grateful kisses, Nina strokes his dick, then grips it tightly and thrusts it deep into her immaculate shaved pussy. Reclining on the sofa with her legs open, Nina revels in the feeling of Tommy's hard cock plunging into her. Looking into his eyes, her face and chest flush crimson, and she moans to orgasm. The lovers worship each other with their mouths in a passionate 69, then Nina lies on the bed, so Tommy can take her from behind. Their arousal builds to a shared climax, and they cry out together as Tommy pumps Nina's pussy full of cum.


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