Scene 1: Girls And Their Boys: Amber & David - Creampie

As she lies forward, Amber's silk night dress slides down her shoulder and her pert breasts and erect nipples are revealed. Approaching her from behind, David kisses her neck and grabs firmly her breasts as he slides his hand down her lace panties, pulling them aside exposing Amber’s full bush. Reaching out with her hand to his penis, Amber undresses David before sucking his dick as she sensually looks him in the eye. Getting in top of him, Amber rides him as she squeezes her breasts, before turning around and getting penetrated doggy style. Lying on her stomach, Amber continues to get fucked by David until he ejaculates inside her, with his cum slowly dripping her hairy vulva.

Scene 2: Girls And Their Boys: Ashley D & Hector - Creampie

Sitting in her couch in her lace underwear, Ashely enjoys a cup of tea as she is approached by Hector from behind, who starts kissing her shoulder and slowly moves his hands towards her pert breasts, squeezing them firmly. Taking off her panties, Ashley kneels on the floor and undressing Hector, she tours his erect penis all around with her tongue before putting it in her mouth all the way down. Lying on the couch, Ashley places herself on top, continuing to suck Hector's penis in a passionate 69 before riding him cowgirl style as she reaches with her hand down his balls while she moves up and down. Sticking her bum out in doggy style, Ashley continues to get penetrated until they both reach a powerful orgasm, with Hector's cum dripping out Ashley's delicate vulva.


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