Scene 1: Girls And Their Boys: Antony & Francisca GB - Anal Sex

There are few things Francisca loves more than anal pleasure, and she prepares to indulge by stretching in her ripped denim shorts, which accentuate her perfect bottom. She slips them off and tugs aside her thong panties to insert a blue butt plug, when her boyfriend Antony arrives. He passionately squeezes her breasts and licks her smooth pussy, and the toy heightens her arousal. Francisca then pulls down his boxers to worship his thick cock: it fills up her mouth when she delivers a sensual blowjob, and she flashes a bright smile as she playfully rubs it all over her face. Then, she needs it inside her. Francisca climbs atop Antony to ride him, while rubbing her clit, and they move into a joyful 69. He swirls his tongue on her vulva, then pulls out the butt plug with his teeth, replacing it with two manly fingers, while they make out. Francisca is now consumed with lust and ready to feel all of Antony's dick deep in her anus. She gazes back adoringly at him, savouring the intensity of anal sex in doggy, and bites the pillow, as she reaches a spectacular orgasm. His girlfriend's pleasure pushes Antony over the edge, so he pulls out and drenches her bum cheeks with cum, while she watches with a radiant smile.

Scene 2: Girls And Their Boys: Alexandra T & Ethan S GB - Blow Job

Alexandra has her dark hair cut short, while her boyfriend Ethan has his long tresses in a man bun, and together they make a charming couple. As she leans over to put away the dishes, her shorts ride up her peachy bum and her tan lined breasts tumble from her tank top. Then Ethan arrives to make out with her, while caressing her nude body all over. As they embrace, her hand grips the growing bulge she finds in his gym shorts. Then, she pulls them down, and a delighted smile lights up her freckled face as she sets eyes on Ethan's hard cock. Alexandra clearly adores giving blowjobs. She looks up sweetly at Ethan, as she draws her tongue along his thick shaft, sucks his balls, and wraps her sensual lips around the throbbing head. He's eager to return the favour, and perches Alexandra on the kitchen counter, spreads her legs and lovingly licks her smooth vulva. Moving the couch, Alexandra climbs atop him to ride his dick in the cowgirl position, embracing him so he can nuzzle her bouncing breasts. Then he bends her over to penetrate her from behind, making her face flush bright red, as they climax together, and he fills her pussy with cum.


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