Scene 1: Girls And Their Boys: Cara & Vince GB - Cunnilingus

As curvaceous blonde Cara washes the dishes, she starts to feel cheeky, and squeezes the sponge all over her frilly pink top. She lifts it up for a display of underboob, then massages her bare chest and slips one hand down her panties. She looks so sexy that when her boyfriend Vince comes in, he can't help but take off all of her clothes, and finger her deeply from behind. Then, he lays Cara down on the kitchen counter and passionately eats her pussy, until she arches her back and cries out with a powerful orgasm. The lovers move over to the sofa, where Vince spreads Cara's legs and fucks her, while gazing at her blissed out face and showering her with kisses. Cara climbs on top to ride Vince's hard cock, looking into his eyes as she feels him hit her g-spot and squeeze her bouncing bum cheeks. After getting pounded from behind, clutching a pillow as she moans in ecstasy, Cara decides to satisfy Vince with her mouth. She gives him a masterful blowjob, passionately sucking while stroking the shaft, until he cums in her mouth. Then, she playfully sticks out her tongue, making the creamy load drip onto Vince's dick.

Scene 2: Girls And Their Boys: Andres & April C GB - Rimming

As April makes the bed in a tiny dress and comfy cotton undies, her mischievous grin reveals her plans for the evening. She reclines on the pillows to file her nails, but soon plunges one hand deep in her panties. Writhing with arousal, her hard nipples slip out, and her boyfriend Andres arrives to begin giving her pleasure. He instantly removes all of her clothes and eagerly licks her hairy pussy, while she strokes her clit and moans. April is excited to use her mouth on Andres, so she pulls down his boxers with her bare feet and sucks his balls. Once he's hard, she gives a sensual blowjob, then gets on top to ride him in reverse cowgirl. She spreads her bum cheeks, letting Andres admire and massage her tight anus, as she bounces on his cock. During her orgasms, April's expression alternates between sweet smiles and open-mouthed cries of ecstasy. She turns around to look deep into his eyes while they fuck, which pushes Andres over the edge, and her fills her pussy with cum. As they cuddle in the afterglow, April giggles with delight and gently cradles his balls.


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