Scene 1: Girls And Their Boys: Falco & Moona GB

As Moona reads on the sofa, a cheeky grin lights up her face, and she starts caressing her chest over her snug top, then slips one hand down her miniskirt. When her boyfriend Falco arrives, he frees her pert breasts for loving squeezes, before licking her perfectly smooth vulva. She watches with delight as his tongue massages her clit, then pulls down his boxers with sparkling eyes. When Moona grips Falco's thick cock and envelops the tip in her mouth, it's clear that she adores giving blowjobs. Once Falco has stripped off her thong panties, Moona climbs on top to ride him. The feeling of his hands firmly squeezing her bubble butt intensifies her pleasure, as she bounces on his dick. They share passionate kisses while he's deep inside her, and then explore an array of positions. Moona reaches orgasm in doggy and missionary, and they climax at the same time while spooning. After Falco fills her pussy with cum, Moona rests her head on his arm and drifts off to sleep, while beaming with joy. Tags:

Scene 2: Girls And Their Boys: Fievel & Paige E GB - Oral Sex

Paige prepares breakfast for her boyfriend Feivel, while wearing only a robe over her elegant lingerie. She decides to add a special treat to the meal by cheekily slipping her tiny thong panties around her ankles, and placing them atop the food. Feivel showers her with kisses when he finds them, while caressing her Rubenesque curves. Paige then kneels before him to unzip his jeans and take his long cock down her throat, while making lustful eye contact. The lovers both pleasure each other with their mouths in 69, before Paige climbs on top to ride him, with a bright smile. As they fuck, her big boobs bounce and her perfectly smooth pussy gets dripping wet. When Paige rolls onto all fours so Feivel can take her from behind, he lovingly places his hands on her hips. They moan in shared ecstasy as they reach orgasm at the same time, and he cums inside her. Laughing with delight, they curl up to sweetly make out.


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