Scene 1: Girl Girl: Sophie & Tiffany - Blindfold Lesbian Sex

Slowly sliding her hand down Tiffany's dress, Sophie firmly grabs her bum as Tiffany takes off Sophie's girly bra revealing her round, pert breasts. As the girls continue to undress each other, Tiffany reveals her breasts and inverted nipples while Sophie gently kisses them. Laying down in the bed, Tiffany takes off Sophie's panties revealing her perfectly shaved vulva and amazing labia while Tiffany uncovers her full bush as the girls take turns to orally pleasure each other before fingering each other until orgasm.

Scene 2: Girl Girl: Bonnie C & Remie - Rimming

Moving on top of Remie, Bonnie leans forward as Remie reaches for her breasts and passionately kisses her puffy nipples. Raising her legs in the air, Remie presses her feet against Bonnie's breasts while she pulls out her tight pants. As Bonnie kisses the inner pant of Remie's thighs, she slowly moves down and delicately pulling Remie's panties aside, proceeds to give oral pleasure and fingering Remie as she squirms in pleasure. Completely naked, Remie slides beneath Bonnie and gives her a feverish cunnilingus as Remie holds her head on top of her. Pumping in excitement, they engage in passionate tribbing and mutual oral before laying next to each other cuddling.


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