Scene 1: Girl Girl: Elin & Tilly B - Feet Play

Playfully caressing each other in bed, Tilly rubs her foot against Elin's pubic region. Getting closer to each other, the girls kiss passionately as they continue to undress, exposing their firm and slender bodies. Laying on her back Tilly smiles as she sees Elin position herself on top of her, with her vulva on top of her face. Squeezing Elin's bum firmly, Tilly closes her eyes and devotedly tour her moist tongue all around her pussy, making Elin moan in pleasure.

Scene 2: Girl Girl: Mille & Paola G - Butt Plug Play

Giggling as they browse through Mille's toy, Paola smiles as she gets blindfolded and slowly stripped down by Mille. Pulling down Paola's panties, Mille caresses her long, dark pubic hair and firmly squeezes her small breasts. Using numerous objects, Mille plays with Paola's body, making her squirm in pleasure. Bending down on all fours, Paola caresses Mille's curved body and moves behind her. Mille hold in her hands her favourite butt plug and gently pushes it inside her while Paola fingers her behind. Laying on their backs, the girls continue to play with themselves, fingering each other until they reach a powerful climax.


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