Scene 1: Girl Girl: Tilly B & Zina B - Fingering

Standing on her tiptoes, Tilly closes her eyes while Zina pulls up her dress and squeezes her round bum. Raising her arms up in the air, Tilly lets Zina take off her dress while Zina softly kisses her soft nipples and slowly moves down Tilly's body until her face is in her pubic region. Down on all fours, Tilly pushes her bum out and moans in pleasure as she feels Zina's moist tongue licking her pussy from behind. Laying in her back Zina smiles as she sees Tilly finger her vigorously, enjoying every second of it as she gets closer to climax.

Scene 2: Girl Girl: Lucia M & Paola G - Foot In Pussy

Sitting close behind Paola as she practices on the piano, Lucia presses her breasts against Paola's back and gently kisses her neck. Turning around Paola look back at her intensely as she gets closer to kiss her softly. Sitting behind Lucia, Paola slowly raises her skirt, exposing her full bush. Kissing Lucia's inner thigh, Paola moves towards her vulva. Using the tip of her fingers, she uncovers her clitoris and delicately caresses it with the tip of her tongue. Turning around, Paola lays on all fours and moans in pleasure while Paola fingers her from behind getting her closer and closer to a powerful orgasm.


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