Scene 1: Girl Girl: Casey Q & Lotte L - Double Penetration

Sitting next to each other down in the floor, Casey and Lotte look at each other and giggle before they start to delicately kiss. Slowly beginning to undress, they girls take off their colourful clothes while their hands move up and down their bodies, caressing their bums and breasts as they continue to take clothes off. Pulling Casey's panties off, Lotte smiles as she opens her legs apart and dives her tongue in her hairy vulva, playing with her clit using her moist tongue. Turning around, the girls pleasure each other in 69 fashion as they get closer and closer to climax.

Scene 2: Girl Girl: Charlee & Lucia M - Hairy Armpit

Charlee is doing the laundry when Lucia silently approaches her from behind, putting her arms around her and softly kissing her neck. Taking off her top, Charlee turns around and presses her breasts against Lucia's, giggling as she feels the touch of her boobs. Kneeling on all fours in the couch, Charlee closes her eyes and gently moans as she feels Lucia's wet tongue all around her pussy from behind. After pleasuring each other in 69 fashion, Lucia sits next to Charlee, letting her finger her vigorously until she can no longer hold a powerful orgasm to then fall asleep in each other's arms.


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