Scene 1: Girl Girl: Elin & Luciana - Deep Fingering

Laughing out loud as they engage in a playful pillow fight, Elin and Luciana wrestle in bed until their face end up close to each other, passionately beginning to kiss as they undress each other. Grabbing Luciana's round bum firmly, Elin pushes Luciana back and kisses her way down towards her inner thighs and vulva. Continuing to undress each other, the girls lay completely naked. Turning on all fours, Elin closes her eyes and exhales deeply as she feels Luciana's wet tongue licking her from behind before inserting her fingers deep inside her. Turning around on her back, the girl lay facing each other as they continue to masturbate themselves, moaning and squirming as they feel their orgasms coming.

Scene 2: Girl Girl: Chelsea K & Molly B - Panty Stuffing

Pulling her t-shirt upwards, Chelsea smiles as Molly dives her face in between her pert breasts, kissing her pink bra. Eagerly unclipping Chelsea's bra, Molly presses her round breasts against Chelsea's before laying back on her back and opening her legs wide apart, letting Chelsea lick her full bush and finger her. Tuning around on top of Molly, Chelsea lays in 69, licking Molly while Molly grabs Chelsea's bum cheeks from behind, spreading them apart while she gives her oral. As the girls get and more wet, Chelsea lays on her back when Molly places her hairy bush in front of her face closing her eyes and exhaling deeply as Chelsea's tongue playfully moves around her vulva.


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