Scene 1: Girl Girl: Teodora & Yasmeena - Anal Licking

Sitting behind Yasmeena, Teodora gets as close as possible to her round bum as she caresses softly her neck. Closing her eyes, Yasmeena smiles when she feels Teodora's hands grab her large breasts and begin to undress her. Delicately pushing Teodora's legs apart, Yasmeena looks into her eyes as she begins to lick her immaculate shaved vulva. Laying on the couch on all fours, Yasmeena squirms in pleasure when Teodora licks her bum and fingers her from behind, committed to make Yasmeena reach an intense orgasm.

Scene 2: Girl Girl: Lucia M & Pascal - Insertion With Objects

Lucia and Pascal giggle as they roll the dice and place challenges to each other. "Undress without hands" reads the first one. So Pascal grabs Lucia's top with the lips and pulls it off, not without stopping in her breasts, kissing them sensually. Spreading her legs wide apart, Lucia closes her eyes as she feels Pascal's wet tongue licking her hairy pussy. Laying on her back, Pascal moans as she feels Lucia inserting her toothbrush inside her, using it to pleasure Pascal while she licks her from below.


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