Scene 1: Girl Girl: Danna & Zhen - Interracial Lesbians

Danna and Zhen have decided to share their wardrobe of colourful clothes, and Danna finds a pink halter top she thinks will look great on her Asian friend. Zhen’s eyes light up as Danna unbuttons her top and removes her bra, and the top indeed looks lovely against her toned tummy. It doesn’t stay on for long, because soon the sweet interracial couple is sharing deep kisses and sucking the nipples on each other’s small breasts. As they make out, a wet spot appears on Danna’s panties, so Zhen pulls them down and fingers her deeply. Danna repays Zhen by unzipping her denim shorts and slipping her hand inside, then drops them to the floor. As she starts tenderly licking her pussy over her panties. Danna casts a smoldering look up at Zhen from between her legs. The steamy eye contact overwhelms Zhen with pleasure, and she leans against the wall for support as she orgasms. After rubbing their bums together, the girls nestle their smooth shaved pussies against each other in the tribbing position. Their hands touch as they stroke their clits while grinding together and building to blissful simultaneous orgasms, which they celebrate with passionate kisses.

Scene 2: Girl Girl: Chelsea K & Justina - Gentle Fingering

As Justina fixes Chelsea’s incredibly long hair, she gives her soft kisses all over: on her neck, her forehead and finally her mouth. She tugs down Chelsea’s tight tank top and squeezes her bra, feeling the weight of her full breasts, then removes it and sucks her nipples. Chelsea bends Justina over and pulls down her thong panties, and then gently nibbles her meaty lips. Justina lays on her back so Chelsea can use one finger to penetrate her hairy pussy, and arches her back as she’s overcome with pleasure. Justina then gets Chelsea into the doggy position and spreads her anus and labia wide apart, smiling as she admires her friend’s gaping pussy. Then Justina lays her down and uses one finger to stuff Chelsea’s own silky red panties into her vagina. While Justina passionately sucks her clit, Chelsea moans as she feels her orgasm coming. When they’re both satisfied, Chelsea lies atop Justina, resting her face between her friend’s perky nipples in a gentle embrace.


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