Scene 1: Girl Girl: Adelina & Anahi - Deep Fingering On The Terrace |

As Anahi writes in her notebook, Adelina attempts to catch her eye by skipping rope, and then bends over so Anahi can see up her skirt. Her ploy works, and soon the girls are sharing deep kisses and slipping hands between legs to expose fuzzy pubic hair. Adelina luxuriates in touching the softness of Anahi's large breasts, and hugs her close, so they can press their nipples together. Anahi strips off Adelina's underwear and nestles her face between her legs, lovingly lapping her pussy and slipping two fingers deep inside. Anahi climbs atop Adelina's face with her panties still on, savouring the feeling of her friend's tongue through the lacy fabric. Then Adelina caresses Anahi's round bum, as she fingers her from behind, and Anahi bites her lip as pleasure washes over her. As a finale, the girls indulge in a steamy 69, with a playful twist. After some sensual clit-licking, they get out Adelina's jump rope and each take one handle into their pussies, moaning and laughing at the uniquely sexy sensation.

Scene 2: Girl Girl: Chelsea K & Jullie - Muff Diving

Chelsea and Jullie playfully blow bubbles together, and having their faces nestled close, they share a sweet kiss. Jullie squeezes Chelsea's soft bum, then absolutely needs to see it, pulling down her shorts and then removing her panties. Chelsea revels in Jullie's intimate touch, as her bottom, breasts and full bush are all cuddled and caressed. Eager to get her hands on Jullie, Chelsea bends her over the chair, and sensually laps into her pussy from behind. Whimpering with pleasure, Jullie spreads her bum cheeks and looks over her shoulder to watch. Hugging each other close in a warm embrace, with their nipples touching, the girls get ready to share lots more pleasure. Jullie takes charge of passionately eating Chelsea's pussy in multiple positions: reclining in the chair with her legs open, standing up, and bent over on all fours. In each one, Jullie expertly sucks Chelsea's clit, making her moan in ecstasy, as she runs her hand through Jullie's curly hair. Chelsea then pleasures Jullie with her fingers and tongue, and the girls snuggle up satisfied to blow some more bubbles.


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