Scene 2: Girl Girl: Lilia & Zhenna - Passionate Licking

"Have you had a girl before?" sultry redhead Lilia asks adorable pigtailed Zhenna. "Do you mean about sex? No!" she replies with a shy giggle. "I've only kissed my friends." Lilia is delighted to welcome Zhenna into this new experience, and they sensually make out in front of the window of their high-rise flat. "I think this is a very romantic place," Lilia sighs, as Zhenna helps her take off her dress, and she pulls down Zhenna's tight shorts. After wondering if the people below can see their panties and bare breasts, the girls become consumed with lust, and take turns passionately licking each other's soft shaved pussies. Savouring the taste of another girl for the first time, Zhenna's sweet smile glows as her tongue guides Lilia to a shuddering orgasm in doggy. After that, the girls are so in tune with each other's needs, that they share all their climaxes at the same time. During tribbing, they squeeze boobs and caress warm thighs, moaning as their wet vulvas melt together. They plunge their fingers deep inside during a steamy 69, their excitement heightened by the hot sounds of their partner's arousal. For the finale, Lilia vigorously masturbates herself while Zhenna sits on her face. When Zhenna looks over her shoulder, to discover how excited her friend is to be pleasuring her, both girls tumble headlong into orgasmic ecstasy.


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