Scene 1: Girl Girl: Alexandra T & Francisca - Mutual Masturbation

Brazilian Francisca is delighted to learn that Alexandra is from South Africa, since she has visited the country and fell in love with the warm and friendly people. Alexandra lives up to Francisca's expectations, first giving her a sensual kiss, then cheerfully inviting her to lower her tight top, and suckle her pink nipples. After bending Francisca over and pulling down her panties, Alexandra inserts her tongue into her vagina. "Maybe touch here as well?" Francisca gently asks, and Alexandra grants her wish, massaging her smooth anus as she passionately licks. Francisca lays back for deep finger penetration, and Alexandra looks thrilled as her friend cries, "Oh my God, please don't stop!" and orgasmic pleasure floods her body. Grateful kisses flow into intense tribbing, as the girls rub their smooth shaved pussies together with wet sounds, while squeezing each other's bouncing breasts. "I wanna make you cum!" Francisca announces, and Alexandra excitedly reclines with her legs open. As her g-spot gets stimulated, she revels in the sensation of Francisca's tongue swirling around her clit. Alexandra sweetly proposes that they work as a team to make her climax: "You use your hand inside and I'll use mine outside." Their fingering forms a perfect rhythm together, and Francisca's eyes light up watching Alexandra's face flush red, as she moans to a blissful release.

Scene 2: Girl Girl: Ulyana & Zuzanna - FOOT MASSAGE

When shy blonde Zuzanna reveals that her shoot with Anca was the first time she had sex with a girl, warmhearted brunette Ulyana gets excited to help her further explore her sexuality. She removes Zuzanna's t-shirt, pulls down her panties, and gives her a sensual massage. "Your ass is so pretty!" Ulyana exclaims, rubbing oil into her friend's tan lined bottom. Zuzanna needs to see Ulyana's body, so she helps to remove her dress, as they share tenderly romantic kisses. Ulyana gently strokes and laps into her partner's smooth vulva, in doggy, while touching her anus, until Zuzanna declares, "I wanna lick your pussy!" Ulyana savours Zuzanna's gifted mouth on her meaty lips, and during deep finger penetration, she begs, "Your tongue, please!" Her inner thighs quiver and her face glows pink, as Zuzanna gives her a blissful orgasm. It's soon followed by another from g-spot stimulation, which leaves Ulyana trembling, before the girls enjoy tribbing and a hot 69. Zuzanna explains that usually only climaxes once, but Ulyana wants her to also experience the joy of back-to-back bursts of pleasure. She buries her face between Zuzanna's legs, sucking her clit and making her moan, "Oh fuck, I'm ready to cum!" Zuzanna's rapturous cries subside, but Ulyana's mouth doesn't leave her pussy, until she's overwhelmed with a second dazzling orgasm. "You're a tasty girl!" Ulyana sighs, as they giggle and cuddle.


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