Scene 1: Girl Girl: Candice D & Dalilah - Rimming

After Candice and Dalilah brush their teeth in their tiny bathroom, Dalilah's eyes sparkle and she tells Candice she wants to try the flavour of her toothpaste. She does that by plunging her tongue into Candice's mouth for steamy kisses, while they undress each other. Once Dalilah's kimono has been opened and Candice's tight top has been tugged down, their bare breasts are lavished with licks and caresses. Dalilah displays her impressive flexibility by placing her leg on the wall above her head, opening her smooth pussy so Candice can go down on her. Candice looks enthralled as her mouth and fingers bring on a blissful orgasm, and Dalilah smiles brightly as she moans. "You're very good at licking!" Dalilah exclaims, and returns the favour by spreading Candice's legs to sensually lap her clit. Candice holds back Dalilah's curly hair to watch with smouldering eyes, and Dalilah moves her tongue down so it's deep in her friend's anus. The intimate sensation of rimming makes Candice whimper in ecstasy. Candice makes sure to worship Dalilah's peachy bum as well, bending her over for intense anal fingering. Their perfect sexual compatability is confirmed when Dalilah indulges in facesitting, and Candice encourages her to grind on her mouth and chin, to a shuddering climax. "I've never fucked someone's face before, that was cool!" Dalilah marvels.


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