Scene 1: Girl Girl: Justina & Paisley - Pussy Licking

As they get cosy on the couch, Justina strokes Paisley's freckled arm and chest with a peacock feather, while planting a gentle kiss on her neck. As their makeout session gets more intense, Justina lifts off Paisley's tank top to caress her perky breasts, and unzips her tight pink shorts. The girls take turns bending over, so their panties can be pulled down, and their vulvas can receive loving strokes. Then, Paisley lies on the floor with her bare feet in the air, and Justina positions herself atop her, for vigorous scissoring, until Paisley cries out in ecstasy. Paisley still wants more pleasure, and reclines with her legs wide open, so Justina can eagerly provide it. She nestles her face between Paisley's thighs, parts the blonde curls decorating her pussy, and passionately sucks her clit. Paisley helps by spreading her labia, so her friend's tongue can massage exactly the right spots, to give her a blissful climax. Justina is repaid for her efforts by getting penetrated deeply with two of Paisley's fingers, while her pussy is lavished with sensual licks. She melts into the pillows, overcome with orgasmic release, and the lovers share satisfied kisses in a romantic embrace.

Scene 2: Girl Girl: Jenni R & Lilia

Jenni returns from shopping and shows Lilia something funny that she bought: a pair of trousers big enough for both of them to fit in. The girls giggle with their arms around each other as they each get in one leg, then collapse on the couch to exchange deep kisses. They proceed to eagerly undress each other, as redhead Lillia pulls off Jenni's top, and Jenni lifts Lillia's dress and undoes the buttons on her leotard, between her legs. Lilia closes her eyes, lost in pleasure as she feels Jenni's tongue licking her ginger pussy. Lilia is excited to give Jenni pleasure as well, and slips off her girly polka dot panties. While sucking Jenni's pert nipple, Lilia inserts two fingers deep into her smooth vulva. Then the lovers explore two fun variations on 69. First, Lilia lays atop Jenni, and both girls spread their friend's labia and savour her sweet taste. Then, Lilia lays back with her legs open while Jenni sits on her face, and leans forward to eat her pussy at the same time. v


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