Scene 1: Girl Girl: Candice D & Ciara D - Anal Play

Candice and Ciara are a perfect match. Beyond their similar look, with slender figures and fair skin, they're both sexually adventurous, and bursting with creative ideas for how to pleasure each other. Ciara begins by massaging Candice's bare feet, then licking her toes. After savouring the taste of Candice's soft armpit, Ciara pulls down her panties, and squeezes her bum cheeks during lustful rimming. By then, Candice is beyond excited to explore Ciara's body as well, using her toes to tug at her bra and tease her nipples. Next, Ciara gets on all fours and moans, while Candice plunges one finger deep into her anus. Ciara is enchanted by Candice's feet, and pleasures herself by inserting her friend's big toe into her silky-smooth vulva. When they're finally ready to cum, the girls decide that more traditional methods will best satisfy their urges. Ciara spreads her legs wide and gazes down adoringly as Candice licks her pussy to orgasm. Ciara then returns the favour, tenderly lapping Candice's clit, and the girls get cosy on the floor, for a tribbing finale. They flush pink and cry out during a shared climax, then squeeze each other's breasts, as they lovingly make out.

Scene 2: Girl Girl: Delfine & Manon - Lesbian Sex

Manon seduces Delfine by playing her a tune on the trumpet, and they exchange soft kisses while beginning to undress one another. Once their tops have been tugged down, they laugh while making their nipples kiss, then Delfine hungrily laps Manon's hairy armpit. The girls are excited to discover and explore each other's naked bodies, pulling down panties to find that they both have soft curls adorning their anus. Then Delfine sits on Manon's face with a smile, savouring the feeling of a warm mouth on her clit. The lovers indulge in a sideways 69, becoming a tangle of limbs as they sensually lick and suck. When Manon gets into the yoga bridge position, Delfine beams at her friend and worships her pussy by sinking her tongue, and then her nipple, into her fluffy bush. Their vulvas melt together while tribbing, as they gaze into each other's eyes. As a romantic finale, Manon rests her head on Delfine's bare breasts, and they sweetly make out while masturbating each other. Fans of glasses on naked girls will revel in the sight of Manon keeping hers on the entire time they're having sex.


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