Scene 1: Girl Girl: Anabelle & Ophelia D - Muff Diving

Ophelia isn't shy about soaking in the sexy sight of redhead Anabelle's workout, and offers to help her stretch. The girls start touching each other all over, and gentle neck nuzzling flows into a rapturous makeout session. Anabelle's tank top is tugged down, so her perky nipples can be sucked, while Ophelia's blue dress falls away. Their sizzling chemistry lights up the screen as they embrace in the nude. Ophelia peels off Anabelle's panties and lavishes her sticky vulva with sensual licking and deep penetration. "You can use another finger!" Anabelle sighs. "My pleasure!" Ophelia responds, excitedly watching her friend build to a blissful climax. Anabelle wants to see how flexible Ophelia is, and invites her to spread her legs wide apart. "Oh, that looks so beautiful!" Anabelle exclaims, admiring her partner's pussy. "It's all yours!" Ophelia replies. As Anabelle tenderly sucks Ophelia's clit, the action is filmed in a steamy closeup that captures both girls' blissed-out faces when Ophelia cums. As soon as she can speak again, she tells Anabelle: "Please sit on my face...". The lustful girls share much more exquisite pleasure in an array of energetic positions, culminating in simultaneous orgasms while tribbing. They curl up exhausted for sweet French kisses, a perfect conclusion to an encounter as romantic as it is incandescently erotic.


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