Scene 1: Video Masturbation: Carolina S - Small Breasts

Carolina peels her panties to the side, freeing her long labia and gathering them between her fingers. Spreading open her meaty lips, her natural wetness crackles with the movement. Ready for more, she takes her panties off. Holding herself open, Carolina strains forwards trying to observe her swollen clitoris and excited pink vulva before her circling fingers dip inside! Carolina's hands paw at her chest, her pert breasts visibly exciting her as she touches and tugs. Her moving hands cause her top to rise, exposing her flat belly and soon the pert curve of the bottom of her breasts. Pulling her shirt back down, she pops a breast out the top and into her hand, gently stroking it before returning it inside. Her hands explore lower, pulling at her panties till the fabric sinks into her crotch, the reddening lips that spill from the side confirming the excitement she is feeling. Naked, her bare feet ridged with pleasure, she masturbates to orgasm.

Scene 2: Video Masturbation: Ashley D & Jessi - Small Breasts

Curvy Ashley serves tea to short haired Jessi that’s wearing a shirt and red panties. Ashley unbuttons her shirt and shows Jessi to her bra as Jessi also takes off her shirt and squeezes her small breasts to show off their size. Jessi's pubic hairs is visible from underneath her sheer panties as Ashley licks her finger and plays with her hairy pussy. Both girls get comfy before they masturbate to orgasm.

Scene 3: Video Masturbation: Katharina - Dlido Play

Katharina's glass toy slides slowly in, her gasp of satisfaction mingling with the sticky sound from her moist vagina which pulls the full length of her dildo inside. Continuing to penetrate herself, Katharina's breathing quickens, catching in her throat as with a reddening face she orgasms on the bed! Katharina's eyes stare back, satisfaction flickering behind her gaze as her hands explore all of the exposed skin on her body. Lying on the bed in her sleep wear, Katharina's hands slip between her legs, her panties gathering into a camel toe as she strokes across the crotch of her undies, the panties clinging to her moistening lips. Taking off her top, Katharina's hand cups a soft squish breast, the tactile flesh a perfect fit in the palm of her hand. Lying on her tummy, one knee pulled up to her chest, Katharina's wrists rubs on her crotch, the muscles in her thighs and buttocks twitching as she teases herself. Panties off she lays down, her bottom waving invitingly in the air as she masturbates herself to satisfaction!

Scene 4: Video Masturbation: Sophie - Coconut Butter

Sophie grabs a dollop of coconut butter and massages it over her body, starting from her legs. She unbuttons her top, and rubs into her full breasts, before teasing her nipples over her sheer white bra. Taking her shorts off, she applies coconut butter onto her perfect ass. Lying on her back Sophie pulls her knickers up and down before she gets more coconut butter and puts it on her perfectly shaved pussy. Lubricated, she uses a sex toy to please herself to orgasm.

Scene 5: Video Masturbation: Amelia B & Poppy B - Deep Fingering

"I love being watched when I am horny,” says Amelia to Poppy as they both lie in bed, wearing just knickers and shirt. Their hands move over their bodies before they are rubbing into their panties. Amelia takes her shirt off and shows off her large breasts underneath her red bra. Not being left out, Poppy grabs her small breasts and teases her nipples. "I like threesomes,” says Poppy as she start fingering her hairy pussy. Amelia then takes her clothes and teases her perfect shaved pussy as both girls please themselves to orgasm.

Scene 6: Video Masturbation: Willa - Rubenesque

Curvy Willa takers a shower and as she moves, water drops all over her large breasts. Sitting on the floor, she licks her finger and traces it all over her rubenesque body. Playing her with her pubic hair, she teases herself passionately. Getting naughtier and wetter, she fingers herself to orgasm in the bathroom.


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