Scene 1: Video Masturbation: Poppy B - Small Breasts

Lying on the bedroom floor, Poppy squeezes her pert breasts as she bites her lip. Slowly sliding her hand down her slender body, she reaches for her panties and gently caresses herself. As she beings to wet her panties she takes them off, freeing her hairy vulva. Licking her fingers, Poppy energetically plays with her clit, as her breathing accelerates, she inserts two fingers in, squirming in pleasure until she reaches a powerful climax.

Scene 2: Video Masturbation: Juliana & Willa - Squirting

Juliana and Willa sit on the sofa wearing just their bras and panties, Willa’s large breasts and hard nipples spilling out. Willa opens her legs wide and her labia pushes through the fabric of her knickers. “My favorite type of porn is squirting,” says Willa and Juliana joins in saying it also turns her on. Juliana takes off her panties and squeezes her pert breasts before Willa also gets naked and the girls start teasing their own hairy pussies. Willa pushes two fingers deep inside her pussy and watches as Juliana plays with her sex toy and has a squirting orgasm.

Scene 3: Video Masturbation: Jessi - Pert Breasts

Curvy Jessi stretches herself on floor wearing only a sports bra and golden yellow leggings. Moving her leggings down, her pubic hair spills from the side of her pink underwear. Touching her pussy through fabric, Jessi then grabs pert breasts. Taking her undies off, she licks her finger and start teasing herself before she moves the finger into hairy pussy and masturbates.

Scene 4: Video Masturbation: Ioana - Double Orgasm

Slender Ioana lays on the couch and gets turned on by touching herself. Moving her tank top down, she grabs her small breasts from the side as she teases herself slowly before going topless. Ioana licks her finger and plays with her pert breasts before moving her hand into her knickers and grinding her bum into sofa. Taking the rest of clothes off, she fingers herself to orgasm.

Scene 5: Video Masturbation: Ashley D - Matching Underwear

Ashley sits on the sofa and gets restless. Her idleness turns to horniness as she starts watching porn on her phone. Feeling excited, she takes off her blue top off and then her shorts. Ashley plays her small breasts over her bra and her hands move down to her panties. Moving her hand into knickers, she plays with her pussy and then removes her bra to tease her small nipples. Moving her finger into her perfectly shaved vulva, she pleases herself to orgasm.

Scene 6: Video Masturbation: Alina & Mona - Multiple Orgasms

Mona and Alina lie down and play with the settings on the electric bed. Mona shows her sleeping position and as she moves, her legs open wide and her blue knickers are visible. “Can you show me how you masturbate?” Alina takes her skirt down exposing her pert breasts, lies on her back and starts touching herself over her knickers. Mona watches her as before taking off her clothes and masturbating. After Alina orgasms, Mona plays with herself more and Alina gets so turned on again and touches herself again for round two.

Scene 7: Video Masturbation: Ekaterina - Body Lotion

Curvy Ekaterina lies on her couch and applies body lotion on her body. Moving her blue tank top down slowly, she cups her large breasts. Unbuttoning her shorts, she slides her hand into her knickers and teases herself. Taking her top off, she gets into the doggy position and moves her round bum from side to side as she applies more cream onto her thighs. Take her panties off, she fingers her hairy pussy.


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