Scene 1: Video Masturbation: Yasmeena - Glasses

Slender Yasmeena touches her body as she sit in a chair. Her hands move down into her panties and she play with her pubic hair. Takes her top off, she grabs her large breasts, teasing her brown perky nipples. Taking knickers off and she moves her fingers over her large labia. Getting wet, she squeezes her breasts while fingering herself.

Scene 2: Video Masturbation: Leslie - Meaty Lips

Blonde Leslie sits in her bed and moves hand into her red shirt so she can touch her small breasts. Unzipping her denim shorts, she moves her hand over her hairy crotch to tease herself. Taking her clothes off, Leslie licks her finger and rubs it on her clit before she touches her pert breasts. Opening her meaty lips, she fingers her hairy pussy to orgasm.

Scene 3: Video Masturbation: Jay - Dildo Play

Jay sits in her outdoor garden, touching her pussy underneath her purple knickers. Taking her dress off, she plays with her large breasts, her nipples visible in her sheer bra. Takes her bra off, she licks her finger and plays with her perky brown nipples. Her hand goes goes into her hairy crotch, teaching herself, before she licks her finger and moves it over her clit. Grabbing her purple dildo, she uses it till she orgasms.

Scene 4: Video Masturbation: Nora & Tiffany - Baby Oil

“I was not flexible before but after starting yoga, I am now flexible.” Tiffany, wearing a bra, shows off her flexibility to Nora. Tiffany asks Nora to show her hairy bush and she complies, taking her panties off and touching her hairy pussy. Following her lead, Tiffany takes her panties off and reveals her own full bush. Tiffany takes her bra off and shows her inverted nipples to Nora as she touches her breasts. Nora grabs some baby oil and uses it on her hairy pussy. Both girls getting turned on, they masturbate to orgasm.

Scene 5: Video Masturbation: Lucy A - Small Breasts

Lucy lies in her bed playing with her panties as her hands move over her body. Taking her shirt off, she cups her small breasts. Teasing her pink nipples, Lucy takes her panties off and pulls her pussy lips wide apart. Using body oil, she massages it into her hairy pussy before masturbating to orgasm.

Scene 6: Video Masturbation: Emma B - Pale Pink Nipples

Redhead Emma reads book on her couch and as she opens her legs wide, her orange knickers flash from underneath her blue dress. Looking at photos she gets turned on and starts touching her pussy. Taking the knickers off, she plays with her red pubic hair. Getting her hand wet, she moves it over her small breasts and teases her pink nipples as she slowly rubs her clit and masturbates.

Scene 7: Video Masturbation: Amber & Andreea - Freckles

"What did he do to you?!" Andreea hangs on every sexy detail of Amber's story. Her eyes remain transfixed on Amber but her fingers ease her own panties further down her thighs. Andreea's finger slides to her mouth, then down to her crotch and it is not long before both ladies are touching themselves! Andreea's hand slips between her thighs as she swaps intimate stories with Amber, her fingers teasing at the end of her braid and down around the neck of her tight top. "You have great boobs!" Andreea admires Amber's beautiful freckles and squirms with pleasure as Amber shows her how she likes her neck and shoulders to be touched by a lover. "Tell me about the sexiest moment you've ever had!" Andreea rubs her bra across her hard nipples as Amber talks, sharing sexual fantasies and past conquests. Amber's finger slides through her dark pubic hair circling her moist vulva while her other hand squeezes her pale breasts. Beside her, Andreea also explores her naked body, her pussy red with excitement. "That's the first time I've ever watched a girl masturbate in front of me ... it's amazing!"


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