Scene 1: Video Masturbation: Rose K - Object Insertion

Curvy Rose lies on the couch before getting naughty and touching her crotch. Taking her shirt off, she squeezes her small breasts. After getting naked, she licks her hair brush and inserts it onto her hairy pussy. Wanting more pressure on her clit, she gets her double pronged sex toy, simulating her clit with one part of it while penetrating her pussy with the other.

Scene 2: Video Masturbation: Kate G & Rose K - Sex Toy Play

Helping each other take their clothes off, Kate squeezes Rose’s pert breasts and pinches her perky nipples. Getting completely naked, Kate shows her full bush to Rose, her hands goes down in between her labia to rub her clit. “Show me how you masturbate.” Rose licks her fingers and inserts it into her hairy pussy. “You have amazing boobs.” Turning on their sex toys, the girls masturbate to orgasm.

Scene 3: Video Masturbation: Abigail M & Sondrine - Small Breasts

"I have minimum clothing on because it’s warm.” Redhead Sondrine shows off her small breasts and starts touching Abigail's sheer white knickers. Getting turned on, the girls start teasing themselves under the fabric. “I love that you have pubic hair.” Sondrine pulls Abigail's top down, licks her small breasts and teases her brown nipples. Getting naked, the girls masturbate to orgasm.

Scene 4: Masturbation: Kate G - Meaty Lips

Slender Kate takes a shower, getting her full bush soaped up and then washes it with water. Getting naughty, she plays with her pubic hair and rubs her clit gently. Pulling her meaty lips apart, she inserts her sex toy into her hairy pussy. Playing with her pert breasts, she gets her pink nipples hard. Kate starts fingering herself as her dildo simulates her clit and masturbates to orgasm.

Scene 6: Video Masturbation: Jenna R & Sondrine - Dildo Play

Sitting on the stairs, redhead Sondrine shows off her sex toy to Jenna before she turns it on and moves it over her red panties. Holding each other’s hands, Sondrine pulls her dress down and Jenna places her sex toy on her small breasts. Jenna takes her shirt off and squeezes her large breasts. “You have beautiful pubic hair.” Getting naughty, both girls masturbates to orgasm.

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