Scene 1: Video Masturbation: Fernanda & Nikolina - Object Insertions

“Have you ever thought about using a carrot as sex toy?” The girls tease each other before rubbing their breasts. Fernanda plays with Nikolina's small breasts as she inserts a carrot into her hairy pussy. Fernanda rubs her purple sex toy over her clit and both girls masturbates to orgasm.

Scene 2: Video Masturbation: Brina - Dildo Play

Brina watches porn on her phone and teases her cameltoe as it pushes from her tight denim short. Taking her shirt off she applies lotion on her pert breasts before she moves her hand down to her shaved pussy. Turning to the doggy style position to reach her anus and pussy. Using her sex toy, she inserts it into her pussy and masturbates to orgasm.

Scene 3: Video Masturbation: Judith & Manon - Nude Flexibility

Manon and Judith practice acrobatics and with their flexible bodies they hanging from the wall as they spread their legs apart. “Your breasts are really beautiful.” Judith touches Manon's small breasts to tease her. Turning on their sex toys, the girls sit on the floor and please themselves by slowing inserting their toys till they masturbate orgasm.

Scene 4: Video Masturbation: Taylor V - Object Insertion

Taylor puts her glasses on and writes her diary. As she writes, her camel toe is visible from her tight shorts. Licking the top of her pencil, she moves it over her pert tits and tease her pink nipples. Taking her clothes off, she inserts a pen into her shaved pussy. “That’s a lot better because its so pronounced and right on the clit.” Pulling her round ass cheeks apart, she rubs her shaved pussy to orgasm.

Scene 5: Video Masturbation: Maddie & Veronyka - Foot Play

Veronyka rubs oil onto redhead Maddie's feet which turns her on and starts moaning. Taking Veronyka’s shirt off, Maddie plays with her perky nipples. Maddie gets Veronyka’s feet in her mouth and gently licks her toes. “I have little bit of a foot fetish!” Maddie inserts a dildo into her pussy and Veronyka rubs her clitoris before the girls masturbate to orgasm.

Scene 6: Video Masturbation: Tilly B - Pert Breasts

Brunette Tilly drinks coffee in her kitchen and as she moves up the stairs, her panties flash up skirt. Taking her white dress off, Tilly moves her hand over the pubic hair. Getting her pert tits squeezed and dark nipples wet, she inserts a finger into hairy pussy and rubs her clitoris as she masturbates to orgasm.


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