Scene 1: Video Masturbation: Adriana E & Alexandra - Amatuer Upskirt

"I am bi-curious.” Dark skinned Adriana tells Aussie Alexandra as her panties flash from her upskirt, her dark nipples poking through her shirt. Taking their clothes off, the girls tease their pussies while wearing their knickers. Alexandra licks her finger and inserts it into her hairy pussy as Adriana plays with her small breasts.

Scene 2: view-source:

Curly haired Manon lies on the couch and reads a book, her pert breasts pop out downblouse. Getting naughty, Manon takes her dress off and plays with her hairy pussy. Licking her sex toy she turns into the doggy style position and inserts it from behind as she masturbates to orgasm.

Scene 3: view-source:

Curvy Fernanda lies in the bed with Brina, her panties flash up skirt as she sits. Brina takes her shirt off and compares her breasts with Fernanda. “Your boobs are bigger than mine.” Fernanda grabs her sex toy and moves it over her shaved pussy. Brina starts masturbating as Fernanda kisses her tits as she reaches orgasm.

Scene 4: view-source:

Blonde Sabrina watches porn in her bed and her hand goes slowly moves over her body before reaching the bush that spills from the side of her small shorts. Taking her shirt off, she plays with her small perky nipples and small breasts. Turning on her vibrator, she moves it gently over her hairy pussy. Her breathing gets deeper as she gets more turned on and then she masturbates to orgasm.

Scene 5: view-source:

“I stopped shaving after high school." Kayla shows off her pubic hair before her and Lucia compares each other’s armpit hair. Getting naughty, the girls move their panties to the side and play with their full bush. Kayla grabs Lucia's big breasts and pulls on her pink nipples. Moving their hands over their wet clits, the girls rub their pussies to orgasm.

Scene 6: Video Masturbation: Adriana E - Small Breast

Dark skinned Adriana pulls her pink down top and moves her finger across her large areola. She starts singing as she moves her hands down to her pussy. Taking her red knickers off she then pulls her small pussy lips wide. Squeezing her small breasts, she gets aroused and licks her finger before rubbing her hairy pussy to orgasm.


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