Scene 2: Video Masturbation: Elysa - Dildo Play

Elysa writes in her note that she’s feeling both excited and shy about this shoot, because very few people have seen her masturbate. While relaxing in bed, her hand drifts between her legs to rub little circles on her clit over her lacy pink panties. She eagerly strips off her clothes and inserts two fingers into her smooth shaved pussy, while teasing her perky nipples. Craving more sensations than her hands can provide, she reaches into her nightstand to retrieve her thick dildo and a powerful black vibrator. Elysa lubes up the dildo, which is shaped like a dragon, and uses both hands to push it deep inside her pussy, making sticky sounds as she strokes. She moans at the intense feeling of being filled up, and throws her head back as her long hair falls around her shoulders. When she’s ready to climax, she switches to the vibrator, and her breath quickens as she gradually increases the speed. At last, she stretches her legs straight and cries out with orgasmic release, as her freckled face flushes pink. "It has been super-fun!" she writes in her note. "I have been able to focus on my pleasure."

Scene 4: Video Masturbation: Adelina - Hairy Meaty Lips

It’s a sunny day in Barcelona, and short-haired Adelina relaxes outdoors in her garden on a little mountain of pillows. She’s wearing tiny shorts that barely even begin to contain her luxurious full bush, and lifts her bare feet in the air to rub sunscreen onto her legs. Her hands drift up her top to caress her perfect small breasts, and then she peels off her shorts to uncover lacy panties that are even more revealing. She tugs the fabric against her clit, enjoying the delicious feeling of friction. Once she’s naked, Adelina opens her legs and gently applies coconut oil to her meaty lips, while resting her head on her hand to display her armpit hair. As she vigorously rubs her pussy and moans, she looks into the camera with a knowing smile, imagining all the people watching her masturbate. When she’s ready to orgasm, she spreads her pink labia wide apart, plunges two fingers deep inside, and throws her head back as a wave of pleasure washes over her.

Scene 5: Video Masturbation: Gabriella S & Noemie - Watching Friend |

In her sexy French accent, Noemie explains the rules of solitaire to her English pal Gabriella, whose mind naturally drifts to other fun things you can do by yourself. She starts detailing her favorite masturbation techniques, including grinding on her pillow, which seems to mystify Noemie. Gabriella helpfully provides a demonstration while wearing her romper, so Noemie gives it a try and agrees that the pillow feels great between her legs. The girls give each other friendly spanks, then start touching themselves over their panties, savouring the friction on the delicate fabric. It's Noemie’s first time masturbating with a girl, so they experiment with different positions as they play, laying sideways and putting their perfect bums in the air. They decide the best way is to sit up with their legs open, so they can each see the sexy things the other is doing. "Come closer to me!" Noemie urges, and they snuggle up together. Gabriella’s tampon string bounces as she rubs and excitedly admires the way Noemie strokes her wet pussy. "I'm gonna cum!" Gabriella announces. "Cum with me in one, two, three…" The girls flush pink as they climax together, their soft orgasmic moans filling the air.


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