Scene 1: Video Masturbation: Ciara D & Simona - Vibrator Play

Red head Ciara meets with antother red head, Simona, and they check out boys and girls online, Simona's green panties flash upskirt. Simona moves her hand over her full bush to tease herself before rub her big ass on Ciara's leg. Ciara uses her vibrator in her shaved pussy to masturbate to orgasms.

Scene 2: Video Masturbation: Rylee - Breast Massage

Rylee puts oils on her pale skin to sensually massage it into her round breasts. She takes off her colourful playsuit and slides her hands to squeeze her pussy. She rubs gently the oil onto her meaty lips teasing herself slowly. Turning back to reach her perfectly round ass from behind, she plays with her bum cheeks. Lifting her flexible legs up, she masturbates to orgasm.

Scene 3: Video Masturbation: Margherita & Pascal - Sex Toy

Margherita and Pascal have so much in common: they both have long curly hair that is shaved a bit on the right side, they’re both fans of yoga and they both absolutely love to masturbate. Pascal brushes Margherita’s hair, which makes her nipples harden through her tight tank top, then they both take off their shirts and admire each other’s breasts. “Oh my God, the size of your boobies is perfect!” Margherita exclaims, lovingly massaging Pascal’s chest with oil. The girls pull down their tight shorts and hump pillows wearing their panties, then lie back with their legs open to stroke their pussies. They climax at the same time using their fingers, but that is just the beginning of an epic session of self-pleasure. They get out their dildos and giggle as they compare the sizes, since Margherita’s is several times larger. Snuggling close on the floor, the girls hook their legs together and forge a beautiful sexual connection. Deeply aroused by listening to each other moan, they masturbate to so many intense simultaneous orgasms that they lose count, adrift in a sea of shared pleasure. Finally satisfied, they gently hold hands and laugh as Margherita tells Pascal: “Your cheeks are so pink, that’s so nice!”

Scene 4: Video Masturbation: Noemi - Anal Play

After taking shower, Noemi sits on her chair in bath robe. Applying lotion on her hairy pussy, she slowly mover her hands up to her tiny breast. Turning on all fours, she inserts a finger into her hairy pussy and teases her anus with other finger. Rubbing her clitoris, she masturbates to orgasm.

Scene 5: Video Masturbation: Kalie & Sofia - Boobs Play

"Your boobs are a lot bigger than mine" says Sofia looking Kalie's big tits. Kalie grabs her tits and lick her own brown nipples. Getting naked Sofie slapping her hairy pussy than insert her finger in. Kalie uses her blue vibrator on her shaved pussy and masturbates to orgasm.

Scene 6: Video Masturbation: Valeria - Tasting Herself

Valeria munches an apple while sitting on the steps, in a brightly-coloured dress, offering tantalising upskirt peeks. The fruit tastes so good that she lets out happy little murmurs, then begins caressing her chest, before her hands slip between her legs. She frees one tan lined breast and pinches her nipple, shuddering at the intense sensation, then massages her warm thighs and takes off her panties. While stroking her smooth shaved pussy, she takes another bite of the apple, and revels in the unique combination of pleasures. Once she's fully nude, Valeria spreads her legs wide apart and inserts two manicured fingertips deep inside, moaning as she hits her g-spot. She pulls her labia open, so she can directly rub her clit, and sensually licks her wet fingers to savour her sweet taste. Surrendering completely to her urges, Valeria rapidly plunges her fingers in and out, until she's overcome with a burst of exquisite pleasure. Her orgasm is accompanied by a gushing squirt, which splashes all over the staircase and her trembling thighs. Once she's caught her breath and returned to reality, she giggles while looking at the sexy mess she's made, and flashes a knowing smile at the camera.


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