Scene 1: Video Masturbation: Dee V & Wendy T - Embarrassed Peeks

Dee shows Wendy the aromatic body lotion from her hotel room, and both girls massage it into their arms and shapely legs. Wendy nonchalantly takes off her top and asks Dee to put some more on her bare breasts, and Dee soon slips off her short dress to do the same. Dee's fingertips drift into her lacy panties, and both girls decide their neatly shaved vulvas need some moisturising. "Our pussies are going to be so silky-smooth!" Wendy exclaims. Dee proudly invites Wendy to look closely between her legs, and they both giggle as Wendy's eyes light up at what she finds: "Ooh, big clit angel! I love that for you!". With their legs akimbo, Dee and Wendy touch themselves side by side, and discover that they have the same technique, focusing only on external stimulation. Getting close enough so their thighs are touching, the girls close their eyes and get lost in the pleasure from their vigorous stroking. Dee rubs her creamy girlcum into her labia, as she reaches a breathy climax, and Wendy follows soon after, her entire body tensing up as she shudders in ecstasy. In the afterglow, the girls apply more soothing lotion into their satisfied bodies.

Scene 2: Video Masturbation: Larisa - Pink Dildo

Brunette Larisa gazes at her reflection in the full-length mirror, while applying face cream and lip balm, and brushing her flowing hair. Once her beauty routine is complete, her urges take over. She caresses her chest over her shirt, then slips it off and lowers her bra, giving both bare breasts gentle squeezes. Her skirt falls away next, and she murmurs excitedly as she strokes over her pink panties. When she can't resist any longer, she pulls them down and spreads her long legs, ready to lavish her pussy with loving attention. Larisa licks her fingers and starts touching herself, as soft moans escape her lips. Then she reaches for a little pink dildo, sensually sucks it, and settles in to masturbate. She spreads her fuzzy pubic hair and opens her vulva, so that the toy can rub directly against her sensitive clit. She alternates between perching on her knees to stroke with her eyes shut tight, and reclining with her legs wide open so that she can look down at her pussy glowing with arousal. Larisa appears to be just on the cusp of orgasm for minutes on end, until at long last, she moans "Oh fuck, oh fuck!" and doubles over, engulfed in pleasure.

Scene 3: Video Masturbation: Roselina & Wendy T - Quivering Together

Sitting with their legs akimbo, to provide upskirt peeks at their panties, Roselina and Wendy try to guess each other's home countries, based on their accents. Wendy has travelled all the way from Australia to Amsterdam, while Roselina just dropped by from Belgium. The girls undress and confirm that they don't yet have spring tan lines. So they just hook their warm thighs together and admire their new friend's nude body. They laugh while coming up with names for their vaginas, and Wendy suggests they start a comedy podcast together. "We'd have a lot of listeners, talking about our pussies!" Roselina giggles. The girls begin touching themselves, and chat about masturbation routines and porn preferences. They both have similar techniques, rubbing little circles on their clits with their eyes closed, dreamily lost in pleasure. Roselina cums first, her face lighting up with a bright smile amid soft cries of release. Then, she eagerly watches Wendy build to climax, her eyes darting from her friend's busy hand to her flushed face. Wendy throws her head back, as she's overcome with intense moans, and Roselina looks delighted. "When I orgasm, I feel like I could run five miles!" Roselina declares. "Are you serious? I just want a nap!" Wendy replies, laughing with disbelief.

Scene 4: Video Masturbation: Ivi - In The Bathtub

Graceful blonde Ivi hops in the bathtub, drops her towel, and turns the faucet on full blast. She briefly gestures in the direction of getting clean, spraying water on her thighs and perky small breasts. But she's really there to indulge in her love of using the powerful stream of water to masturbate. She opens her slender legs, pulls apart her delicate pink labia, and positions her smooth pussy directly beneath the running faucet. Then she throws her head back and sighs contentedly, as her arousal builds. Ivi spends some time inserting her fingers, then decides to let the water do all the work to satisfy her desires. As it splashes against her clit, she dreamily shuts her eyes and savours the sensations. After several minutes, the feeling suddenly goes from pleasantly exciting to blissfully intense, and Ivi's nude body is jolted with delicious pleasure. As she catches her breath in the afterglow, she casts a sweet look into the camera with a gleaming smile, realising that her secret bathtime ritual is a secret no longer.

Scene 5: Video Masturbation: Calina & Galina - Touching Friend

Watching Calina and Galina discover and celebrate each other's bodies is equal parts adorably sweet and incandescently erotic. Calina begins by brushing Galina's bright red hair and caressing her shoulders, making her tremble with tingly excitement. Calina gently asks if she can remove Galina's tight tank top, then falls instantly in love with her marvelous big boobs. "Oh wow, you have amazing breasts! They're really gorgeous" she exclaims, squeezing the cuddly softness as Galina blushes and smiles. The girls sensually make their nipples kiss, then pull down each other's panties. Their eyes aglow, they enjoy the contrast between Galina's fluffy bush and Calina's silky-smooth vulva. The girls spread their legs and hook them together, admiring wet pussies and sharing sexy stories. Galina recalls using a Bluetooth vibrator on the metro, and they both reveal how excited they are to pleasure themselves with a beautiful girl. They hold hands against Galina's warm inner thigh, as they start stroking. "It's much easier to masturbate with someone than I expected!" Galina giggles. "You're my source of inspiration!" Calina replies. As they plunge fingers deep inside, their breasts bounce and flush pink. Moaning and building off each other's arousal, the girls cum at the same time, crying out with intense orgasmic release. "That was powerful!" Calina sighs, and they snuggle up in a satisfied embrace.

Scene 6: Video Masturbation: Anna X - Tentacle-shaped Dildo

Curvy blonde Anna finds something sexy to watch on her phone and settles in, to caress her body all over. She massages her chest over her "Cat Lady" t-shirt, adorned with a picture of a feline friend, and begins touching herself over her tight shorts, until a wet spot appears between her legs. She lifts up her top to free her lush breasts, and tugs her shorts to the side, so she can directly stroke her meaty labia. Soon, she's naked except for her sexy librarian glasses, ready to indulge completely in pleasure. Engrossed in the video she's watching, Anna gets out a thick tentacle-shaped dildo and slides it vigorously in and out. The room fills up with a mix of sticky sounds and her soft moans, and then Anna decides that her hands are the best way to get what she needs. With her legs open, she takes two fingers deep into her smooth pussy, then proceeds to stroke with one palm, then the other, as she builds toward orgasm. When she arches her back and cries out in ecstasy, her face, vulva and shapely thighs glow with a dazzling shade of bright pink. Deeply satisfied, Anna sucks her wet fingers, melts into the pillows, and drifts off to sleep.


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