• Desirable Girls: "Normally Abby Winters movies have two scenes. This has three, and they are all excellent. Scene one has two really nice Dutch girls, blond Misha and brunette Aletta. Both are very good and this has some really good sex. Misha in the post-scene interview described it as her best sex ever, and that could be true with the quality of this scene."
    - - Peter on
  • Naughty & Alone: "'re seeing something that only you can see, something private and personal and for your eyes only... I love it. I think it's great."
    - - Jayo on
  • Alone & Wanting: "...I love watching realistic-looking masturbation videos such as the ones here, as opposed to the virtual lap-dance, screaming-orgasms, fake bullshit "are you done yet?" performance videos you find almost everywhere else. Abby Winters models don't look like Lisa Ann, they don't carry on like Marilyn Chambers. They look like Starbucks barristas, college students, the women who jog by, never taking their eyes off their iPhones. Watching them masturbate here is like having access to hidden cameras in their rooms. It's a hidden world and it's for your eyes only."
    - - jayo on
  • Girls With Girls: "...the girls look genuinely into their partners and always looked as if they were having fun and happy to be there. To me that adds something to any porn."
    - - Rob Perez on
  • Intimate Urges: "The mirror is definitely my favorite piece of this scene.  We get not only Nayomi jerking off, but we get see her watching herself get off, which is really fucking hot!"
    - J.D,
  • Horny & Alone review: "...there is something really freaking sexy about watching women masturbate next to each other.  I mean, one woman getting herself off is awesome – two just adds to that excitement!" "...My favorite part of that scene is that the women are actually masturbating one on top of the other at some points.  How dirty and hot!  I love it!"  
    - J.D,
  • Girls Satisfying Girls: "The sense of individuality in these women, and how well it comes across, does a lot to solidify the pleasure that watching them is. They’re not just bodies rubbing against one another – there’s full interaction, fully graced with all the personal mannerisms that makes each girl so unique. There’s a distinctly welcoming quality about Abby Winters which really sets it apart – it’s completely void of smut, whilst simultaneously keeping in everything about hardcore porn that makes it so arousing to watch."
    - Samantha Rae on
  • Girls Aching For Girls: "Girls Aching For Girls is a refreshing change of pace with models sporting little or no makeup, non-toned bellies, pubic hair stubble, and contorted orgasm faces. In other words, they are not actors. Watching this porn, I felt like a peeping tom viewing my neighbors having a long romp after Sunday brunch. Annabelle Lee and Joannie try just about every position on an overstuffed red leather chair. These ladies know their way around a pussy and they like to get each other off. I lost track of how many orgasms they each had."
    - Mia Martina on
  • Girls Infatuated: "Twyla is a naughty girl. If it isn't enough that she sets hidden video cameras to record Masie and Laura, she also makes sure to come home to interrupt them and get some action herself.... the action in Girls Infatuated is nothing short of excellent."
    - Astroknight on
  • Girls Seducing Girls: "The sex progresses slowly like the women plan on spending so much time with each other that there is no need to rush. They have time to savor the kisses and the taste of each other’s juices. The scenes end with naked pillow talk and some behind the scenes type footage."
    - Endorphin on
  • Alone & In Need: "The production values are up to the usual high standards, and there's a nice mixture of girls here... If you like realistic-looking female masturbation with quality production, this is a great DVD to own."
    - Jayo on
  • Girls Alone: "In this one, we get 10 different girls in 10 scenes. All are solo-masturbation except for one scene which has two girls in mutual masturbation and light lesbianism... As far as the act itself goes, it's another AW cocktail. Some girls are explicit, some are coy. One girl uses a toy but the rest stick with fingers. A few are on their stomachs, a few on their backs, one does herself entirely standing up... Abby Winters has the quality solo-masturbation field to itself. If you like realistic masturbation and variety, this is good title in a great series."
    - Jayo on
  • Erotic Pleasures: "The women are a bit shy about it, but are really turned on by the presence of another woman right next to them, leg to leg and shoulder to shoulder. There's never more than some light touching and caressing, but in a way I find it even hotter that they don't go into full-out girl-girl sex: the level of tension is always elevated, from beginning to end. I especially like when one woman watched the other.... I can't think of a better DVD to go to if you're in the mood for female masturbation."
    - DAF1740 on
  • Girls Teasing Girls: "Girls Teasing Girls is another excellent all girl release from Abby Winters. As usual the focus is on chemistry and passion, and both couples do a great job of providing it. I love how quickly both sets of girls get down to action, and although they get busy fairly quick there's no denying the chemistry between them....It's anther winner from Abby Winters, so if you want your all girl action focused on chemistry, passion, and all natural orgasms instead of nastiness make sure you pick it up."
    - Astroknight on
  • Girls Playing with Girls: "Abby Winters is my favorite studio now. For their two niche products, lesbian and female masturbation, they have it nailed."
  • Girls in Private: "I love [the Intimate Moments] series, and this [Girls in Private] is a good one. I can nit-pick little things about it--I'd like a couple of the models to have larger breasts, I'd like to see a little self-nipple sucking, stuff like that. But overall I enjoy the genuineness of it all--the girls seem real to me, and they seem to be really working it, not just reacting to a director who says "okay, now cum for me." I've seen a bunch of solo-girl videos, and this is the least cynical of the bunch."
    - Jayo on\
  • DVDs: " produces excellent GG and solo-Girl porn. If you want to see real women having real orgasms, it's a great site. [Girls in the Groove stars] Paula and Chloe B. are two of my favorite AW-girls because of their big natural boobs and sexy personalities. I've seen a lot of AbbyWinters's videos on a little window on my computer screen, so I'm also looking forward to seeing 2 scenes on my 32-inch HDTV."
    - SexyHard on
  • Girls Loving Girls: "...Currently, most of Abby Winters' DVDs can be found online for between about $20 and $30, with stores offering them everywhere in between. Don't worry about the price with this one. The sex is very hot and there's some noticeable care put into both the technical aspects and the extras. This is quite possibly the best release I've seen from Abby Winters...."
    - Astroknight on
  • Girls Loving Girls: "Abby Winters knows what I like: real-world attractive women (the kind I'd expect to meet at the local coffee house) in quality girl/girl action. These movies always strike me as being particularly voyeuristic, because the girls don't play to the camera, don't acknowledge the audience, and seem so into each other that this is what they'd be doing anyway even if the film crew weren't around. This is my favorite kind of porn..."
    - Jayo on
  • The Girl Sessions: "I rarely find fault with anything does and I’m definitely not alone. They made a huge splash at this year’s AVN awards and can definitely be listed amongst the top lesbian studios, in my humble opinion..."
    - The Porn Librarian on
  • Girls who like Girls: "...Hot girl-on-girl action with very natural looking (cute!) talent, real bodies (in some cases real nether hair), total girl next door intimacy with no need for heavy L.A.-makeup or barbed-wire fences..."
    - shortbus69 on
  • Award winning DVDs

    2008 AVN Award - Best Amateur DVD Series: Intimate Moments

    2013 XBIZ Award
    All-Girl Release of the Year

    2012 XBIZ Award
    2012 Best Website (XBIZ)

    2011 AVN Award
    Best Adult Website

    2008 AVN Award
    Best Amateur DVD Series:
    Intimate Moments

    2008 AVN Nomination
    Best All Girl DVD Series

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